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TiVo Fan Problems - TiVo is Loud and/or Hot

Your TiVo: Symptoms you may be experiencing

If you have a TiVo that is making a lot of noise, the chances are good that you just need a new fan.

How you attack the problem depends on your TiVo model.

Most TiVo Models (excluding TiVo Roamio, TiVo Bolt): In most TiVo models, the fan blades are visible by looking at the back of the TiVo, to the right of where the TiVo plugs into power. In that situation, testing for a bad fan is easy: Unplug the TiVo and wait a minute for everything to spin down. Then, insert a toothpick or some similar object into the fan grate to stop the fan from spinning. Then, while holding the toothpick, plug the TiVo back in and wait for a few seconds. If the noise only starts after you remove the toothpick, then you need a new fan.

Be sure you get a TiVo-tested replacement from a company like weaKnees, which is an authorized TiVo retailer. Finding a random fan with the same dimensions is not the same as getting an authorized fan with the proper connector and proper CFM (cubic feet per minute, a measurement of the amount of air moved when the fan is spinning).

TiVo Roamio or TiVo Roamio OTA. We are separating this model out because (a) it is a more difficult installation, and (b) it is far more common for these fans to go bad--sometimes very soon after purchase.

Fix my TiVo! - Solutions

WeaKnees sells full TiVo Roamio fan kits. These come with the necessary torx tools (8, 10, and 15). And WeaKnees has a YouTube video for installation info. The fans they sell meet TiVo's factory specifications but are far more durable than the generic fans that TiVo uses in most Roamios. When searching for a replacement TiVo Roamio fan, beware of fans that do not have the proper fan connector or of fans that have not actually been specified as being for use in a TiVo Roamio. Using a fan that has the same dimensions as the Roamio fan is not the same thing as buying a fan meant for a TiVo Roamio. We've even seen people trying to pass off fans as "Roamio fans" that suggest you replace the factory screws with plastic grommets or some other parts. This is not advisable.

More Information about this problem

So far as we can tell, they changed fan suppliers for the TiVo Roamio, and moved from the high-quality JMC fan (pictured below) to a lower-quality, cheaper, generic fan (with a bunch of Chinese characters on it). Unfortunately, these generic fans fail far too soon, and are not the easiest to replace. But if you have a fan that is loud, this is often an indicator that the fan will fail sooner due to the excess friction, and then you could really hurt your hardware. Look for the fan pictured below--it is the best replacement for the TiVo Roamio. The part number you want is JMC 03500A0028.


Pictured above: High quality, TiVo-authorized replacement TiVo Roamio fan
with the correct TiVo fan connector.

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